Build Better Passwords(:

"Your password is pitifully obvious"

  • Passwords must not be written down .2010-02-04.gif
  • Make new passwords. Rowanda1 new, Rowanda2 not a good example. Make more changes than 1 or 2 letters or numbers.
  • Avoid obvious words-you can be hacked by a dictionary attack.
  • Think long- but not too long. 8 or more characters is probably the best to go with.
  1. The Worlds strongest password will not protect you if you have or chose the wrong kind of password.
  2. If you were safe at one time you probably aren't cause there are professional hackers now and they can and probably will hack you.
  3. Hackers today have tools that can do hundreds to thousands of password guessing in seconds.
  4. Passwords that take months or even years to be cracked.Those passwords can be cracked in hours/minutes, seconds even.
  5. It does not take alote amount of skill to crack a password.
  6. Similarity, passwords that are based on any kind of phrases will not be your best bet cause it will be very weak.
  7. Passwords, passwords that have any kind of quotes like, is ,like ,or wise are easily discovered

external image 2010-02-04.gifexternal image 2010-02-04.gif
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