"Cyber bullying has an off-line impact"

Cyber bullying is:
  • someone posting rumors or lies about you online or sending it to other people.
  • it can be sexual or racial comments or threatening to physically hurt someone
  • a profile account that could be made to pretend to be you
  • someone could hack into an account of yours and post false statements about you

Cyber bullying can take place on social networking sites, emails, and chat rooms.
Bullying cannot just happen online, it happens in schools,communities, and even homes. badgirl2.jpeg

  • Boys and girls appear to be equally likely to be targets of harassment online. There is some indication that girls might be more likely than boys to be targeted infrequently (once or twice), but just as likely to be targeted frequently (monthly or more often).
  • Older teens seem to be more likely to be involved than younger teens. In fact, a recent national survey of youth reports that the average age of a teenager involved in cyberbullying is 15 years old.
  • Teens who are harassed online may also be experiencing harassment offline.
  • Some youth have related or unrelated social problems.
You should know too that teens who are targeted by harassment are more likely than teens who are not harassed to report harassing others online too. Often this can be retaliation. But, just because someone sends you a mean or harassing message doesn’t mean it’s not harassment if you do the same thing back.

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