Who's targeted
Depending on the different type of harassment somewhere around 30% of youth get harassed in a year.
About 30% get mean comments. 
Around 10% get rumors started about them.
Around 15% get threatening comments.
Usually Girls are an easier target than boys. Kids usually get harassed around 15 years of age. The age most harassers are 18 or older. Most of the time the person who harasses you is someone at your school or a person you know. Sometimes your harasser will hack into your Facebook or Myspace account and say things that may not be true.

A person to talk to may not always be the easiest thing. You might talk to your best friend, but the people you need to talk to are your parents. Why ask them? They more than likely have been harassed so they might know how to deal with the situation better than your best friend. If the harassment gets too much for you on a social network just delete your account, and create a new one.
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