"Viruses are like bees, they attack you if you mess with them."

How to avoid and repair viruses

Computer viruses are software that hitchhikes on any real program, network, or email to infect computer(s). A computer virus that has infected a computer can infect other computers. When a computer virus infects your computer, your computer has a higher chance of getting infected again.

Sometimes "Trojan horses" and "Worms" are mistaken for a virus."Trojan horses" are programs that seem harmless, but truly they contain harmful functions. They will say that they will help your computer, but then it damages your computer instead."Worms" exploit vulnerabilities in the security to spread automatically to computers through networks. "Worms" are software that uses a computer network and uses a security hole to get into the computer.

Symptoms of having a computer virus are sometimes recognizable to the user, and sometimes the user can't tell the computer is infected by a virus.

Some ways that viruses get on your computer is from email, websites, and downloaded files.

Some ways that you can stay away from viruses is by staying away from Applications or apps on websites like Myspace and Facebook.

Another way to pick up viruses is called a Rogue Anti virus these types of viruses exploded in the year of 2009.
They get on your computer when a message pops-up that you have viruses and need to click here for a full scan.
If you are not paying attention and you click anywhere close to the click here button than the virus will begin uploading to your computer so be very careful when things like that happen. Later on they will ask you if you will pay 50-75$ to remove all the stuff they downloaded on to your computer.

Email viruses are also a way someone could get a computer virus. Email viruses are attached to email messages that are sent to computers all around the world.

One very good way to protect your computer is by buying a good anti-virus software and update it regularly. Every time you go into a website the information on that website is stored in to your computer. Viruses like to hide in the files that are holding this information so it is good to clean these files out every once and a while.

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