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What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information, like your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit or other crimes

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the united kingdom and America!

What do thieves do with a stolen identity?

Once they have your personal information, identity thieves use it in a variety of ways.

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Phone or Utilities Fraud

  • Bank/Finance Fraud

  • Government Documents Fraud

  • Other Fraud

  • They may get a job using your Social Security number.

  • They may rent a house or get medical services using your name.

  • They may give your personal info to police during an arrest. If they don't show up for their court date, a warrant for arrest is issued in your name.


More then 27 million Americans have been victims of Identity theft in the last 5 years. This year alone more then 500,000 Americans will be robbed of their identity's with there names.

How can you find out if your identity was stolen?

The best way to find out is to monitor your accounts and bank statements each month, and check your credit report on a regular basis. If you check your credit report regularly, you may be able to limit the damage caused by identity theft.

Unfortunately, many consumers learn that their identity has been stolen after some damage has been done!!!):

  • You may find out when bill collection agencies contact you for overdue debts you never incurred.

  • You may find out when you apply for a mortgage or car loan and learn that problems with your credit history are holding up the loan.

  • You may find out when you get something in the mail about an apartment you never rented, a house you never bought, or a job you never held.

Protect Your Information

  • Do not leave a lot of financial records lying around your house for prying eyes to see

  • Do not keep information that you don’t need in your purse or wallet

  • Do not leave credit or debit card receipts at the ATM, gas pump, or anywhere else

  • Do not keep personal identification numbers attached to credit, debit, or ATM cards


Spy-ware- is any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge.

  • To fight spy-ware, use anti-spy-ware software

  • Set parental controls so the user has to log in on that setting to protect children

  • Keep current with other software updates and patches

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