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Identity theft is like someone stealing your face and using it in a bad way!

  • Identity Theft is where someone steals something of yours that has your private information on it, like credit cards, online accounts etc.
  • There are many ways to prevent identity theft.
  • You have a credit card but you don't use it you could cancel it to decrease the risk of someone stealing it.
  • You could change or check your passwords every six months or so. Identity theft is probably worse than you think it can rob more than 500,000 Americans each year.
  • It can take a long time to figure out that you have a stolen identity and you always need to be careful of what you put on the internet, you can also take a long time to recover from Identity theft.
  • When you have someone who wants to chat and is a totals to stranger is asking you about your personal information you should log off immediately.
  • Then you should notify someone immediately about the hacker? (Maybe because he could have stolen some information and you might have to change some of your information.

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