"Viruses are like rhinos, they are tough to get through!"

Virus Information:
Viruses are computer programs that DESTROY & damage computers. They may come in many forms and can do many things
The most common is the Trojan virus. It is a virus in disguise resembling a game or mp3. It got its name from the ancient Trojan Horse trick long ago in Greece. A "love bug" is a good example of a Trojan virus. It enters your email as a love letter, & when you open it, the virus releases into your computer via email. A virus creator uses programs to create their virus. A great creature makes the program to make the virus, making them hard to track. Anti-virus software & anti-spy ware can help you fix & avoid these nasty buggers. The first type of virus was a stealth virus. It is a virus that can disguise itself most like a Trojan only after in your computer.
VirusLogo.jpgcomputer-virus-stamp-thumb8203199.jpg´╗┐ One very good way to protect your computer is by buying a good anti-virus software and update it regularly. Every time you go into a website the information on that website is stored onto your computer. Viruses like to hide in the files that are holding this information so it is good to clean these files out every once and a while. A virus is a small software that can transfer from one computer to another. Viruses can even automatically delete memory off of your computer. Viruses can be disguised as an email or greeting cards.
If your computer starts running slower and keeps on crashing that may mean to put some precautions on your computer. Those are some symptoms of a virus infected in your computer.downloading software on you computer can start a virus in the computer you are using. So when downloading use some precautions on what you're downloading.
Even for an expert it is very difficult to get rid of a virus. If there is a virus on your computer you can permanently get rid of it. If you use the right tools such as anti virus. Unwanted soft wares can reinstall themselves on your computer after you delete that software. That is why you can get anti virus to protect things like that to happen to your computer.
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