Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud is one of the most common and serious crimes interfering with buyers online. Here are some ways to prevent internet fraud...

  • Don't give personal or banking info, such as credit card number, social security number etc...

  • Never reply to emails from a person you don't know.

  • Make sure you are alert of common frauds and blackmailing on the Internet.

  • Don't give out your account numbers, addresses or other personal info over the phone.

  • People have to be aware of the harmful point of view of the nternet that is know as fraud.

  • Most internet fraudsters only want your money.

  • There are many different kinds of internet fraud that can occur on the internet. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the various scams that are out there.

  • The responsibility to protect your online action solely rests with you.  If you become an internet fraud victim forget about recovering any info. that you may lost.

  • The increase in Internet frauds should come as no surprise.

  • Internet fraud is very bad, it make's millions of people really sad..)':

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