"Be Safe. Stay Safe."
Online Ethics/EtiquetteBy: John, Dylan, Hayden, Sofia.
· The great capabilities of this communication allow for the potential of great harm, cruelty, and even

· There are some problems in the field of online ethics that include the protection of private information, the
limits of a presumed freedom of expression and issues of libel.

· Online ethics is a pattern of behavior on the Internet.

· Another major issue in online ethics is using and influencing online bullying.

· Stand clear away from the use of profanity.

· An online classroom is still a classroom. Though they may be online, good classroom behavior is
still necessary. Respect for classmates and the instructors are as important as ever.

· Consider the privacy of others. Ask permission prior to giving out a classmate's or a friends information.

· No inappropriate material. Do not forward virus warnings, chain letters, jokes, etc. to classmates or instructors.
The sharing of pornographic material is forbidden.

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