Recognizing Spam





  1. Recognizing Spam through e-mail- You can recognize spam through e-mail by an unfamiliar e-mail.

  2. You could also recognize spam on e-mail by the wording, how people who sent you the e-mail spell the words and how formal the message is

  3. Spam could be disguised as a chain letter, advertisement, or offer/deal.

  4. Spam is not only restricted to e-mails, but it can also be sent to your phone.

  5. Spam can be put on websites saying things like 'You can get $1,000,000 by entering your phone# and/or e-mail address' or 'Get your IQ free, all you have to do is put your phone#/e-mail address here!!'

  6. You can tell if spam is spam if it asks you to "update your account information".



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