Do you have an account for any social networking sites? Well chances are, you may be at risk. Sexual predators are always looking at these type of sites to find their next victim. Here is a little advice for parents, and children using these social networking sites. Parents, and kids are never really aware of how easy it is for someone to find out personal information about them.

  • Ask your kids questions about if anything is going wrong. If anyone their child never met, or never even heard of is messaging them.
  • Check your child's page every now and then just to see if everything is safe.
  • Tell your child not to post any provocative pictures of themselves.
  • Let them understand that you are trying to protect them, and not just being mean.

Now, sexual predators is not the only thing parents should worry about. Cyber bullying is another thing that parents need to keep an eye on. You can save your kids from hurt, and distress by following these steps.

  • Always ask your child questions.
  • Keep watch of profiles and messages.
  • Tell your kids to not be afraid to tell you important information.

It's not always the parents job to make sure their child is being safe. Kids need to know what's right from wrong on social networking sites. Here are some tips for kids on what they should do and shouldn't do.

  • Never send a message to someone you don't know. If they message you don't reply, and notify a parent`
  • Always be safe, post appropriate pictures.
  • Never post any unnecessary post.
  • Don't give out private information.
  • Always be aware of sexual predators.

So, there you go. I hope these tips help you from online predators. This is just basic information to stay safe, so if you need anymore information just send me a quick message on my profile. STAY SAFE, AND LIVE HAPPY!

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