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ABC News Sexting Story
Teens Engage In Sexting
external image moz-screenshot.pngTips to Prevent Sexting

  • What is Sexting?: You're texting, but you are sending sexual photo's of yourself, or the person you are interacting with. Sometimes the relationship (most relationships) end. Some that end, are highly at risk. You never know if that picture will get around to their friends, then their friends and so forth. It can be put on a social network, and could be seen all over the world. Be careful at what you post, text message, or send in an e-mail. Anyone can copy and paste a photo or what you've said to someone!!!

  • It's illegal´╗┐!?: Don't take or send nude or sexually suggestive photos of yourself or anyone else. If you do, even if they're of you or you pass along someone else's - you could be charged with producing or distributing child pornography. If you keep them on your phone or computer you could be charged with possession. If they go to someone in another state (and that happens really easily), it's a federal felony.

  • Don't sext!!: You shouldn't sext no matter how old you are, it's a serious crime, and could be put in jail. You can hurt your self, and the person you are communicating with. If they are older, and you are a minor, they WILL be put in jail for a serious crime. Even if you and the person you are interacting with is your age, you can still get into a lot of trouble. If you are a minor, you can get into trouble with you're parents also, not just the law. No matter what you do, you can always get into trouble, if you want to stay out of it, then just don't sext.

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Authors: Garrett, Cort, Kyle and Sawyer:)